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korg kronos2

2014 - For the Aurai (Violin Duet w/ Piano acc.) Live Rec.
This is an idea I was playing around with the other day. I decided to just play it and record it live. I recorded the piano first and then both violin parts together.

This was a something a bit different from what I normally do. Since it was just an idea, this is more like a sketch and not quite a full painting just yet. However, this one is most likely going to be left as is instead of being a WIP, but I still would like to share it with whomever that would want to possibly listen.

2014 - AMSE (Amicable Monstrosity)
My friend suggested that I make something for Flugel Horn. I realize that this is a weird/tough key for Bb instruments. However, I couldn't drive myself away from it. It was my first attempt at writing something for a horn. It was a great experience. There is a contrasting second part to this darker piece. When there is more free time over spring break, I may start fleshing out the idea onto paper/midi/T-P.

2013 - Lost [final] 2012
This is one of a few new personal projects that I had started during December of 2012. I revisited this piece again in 2013.

2013 - Pug Showdown
After taking care of two pugs when a friend left on a cruise, I experienced some amazing cyclopean battle scenes between two titans pygmies that could never again be replicated in the same fashion. I just wanted to make something short and fun.

2013 - Taste of Mint
I wanted to try and put something short together in a short amount of time. Mint juleps from Disneyland kept popping up in my head when I was making this for some reason. It might have had something to do with wanting to buy some Thifty's Mint and Chip ice cream. Holy shi* --it's good.

2012 - Lost [old ver.]
This is one of a few new personal projects I had started during December of 2012.

2012 - The Midnight Foray - Redux v2 (1999)
Originally created in 1999 while in high school, after losing the original music in a hard drive wipe, I decided to recreate it again late in 2012. I used an mp3 file I had made from the original song back then and did my best to re-create it with a few tweaks here and there. This is the latest version I have worked on of it since restoring it.

2012 - Sine Rift (ADHD) Final
This is one of my most recent tracks. I started working on this in 2010. However, after editing it again this year, screwing around and choppin it to bits, it is nothing like the original that I had started with. This was made with a Korg Triton LE and Reason.

2011 - Poetry and War: The Arena v3
I was thinking about trying out Cubase for this track, but decided on staying with Reason and using a few multi-layered instruments. There are three other tracks that are associated with this one. I had also used some of this for a school project in a theatrical trailer.

2010 - Red on White v7
This is one of the first tracks that was used as a learning experience while working with a new music program. This was made with "Reason."

1999-2002 - The Midnight Foray
Made with "Noteworthy Composer" (free midi composition software) back in the day and an old mini midi keyboard. I used a couple dozen sound fonts. This project was actually started when I was in high school. I didn't get a chance to finish it off until late 2002 or early 2003 with sf2 soundfonts. I made a few other similar pieces. This is the one I had the most fun working on and am probably going to re-make with a more modern touch very soon.

2014 - Valley Jazz JAM Concert

Recording was taken live during our 2014 JAM concert.
Band Director: Renee Baker
Guest Conductor, Soloist and Vocals: Ron Carter
Our special guest, Ron Carter, came down to perform a few workshops with the local high school jazz groups. Once again, it was another fun concert with a decent turnout. However, on a personal note, I'm still working my butt off to get up to where I need to be since I am still the "new guy". My personal favorite song for this concert was C-Jam Blues (Ala Mambo). The band director knows the reason why.


2013 - Valley Jazz Holiday Concert

Live recordings of a few songs played during our Annual Holiday Concert in December.
Band Director: Renee Baker
Guest Band Director and Soloist: Derek Cannon
I hadn't played drum-set in quite a few years. Great group to play with. Great audience and turnout. Performing live. Had a blast.


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